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A small garden – 10 tips on how to arrange it

A small garden – 10 tips on how to arrange it

Do you want to create a beautiful garden, but you do not have enough space? That’s not a problem at all! The arrangement of a small garden is a challenge which brings great satisfaction.

Get to know the practical tips thanks to which you will create a unique corner full of greenery even on the balcony!

Do not expose the fence

High fences optically reduce the garden area. That is why, in the case of small gardens, it is worth to hide them with plants. You can also replace the fence with a small hedge that will not only cover your garden, but also have a decorative function.

Simple but functional accessories

Your garden will probably perform different functions depending on the weather conditions and your needs. So make sure that the accessories that are in the garden are practical, aesthetic and take up little space. Folding chairs, a small coffee table, a suspended hammock, a seat that is also a storage for tools – these elements of equipment will certainly prove themselves in a small garden!

Every metre counts!

How to make a small garden visually bigger?

  • Maintain symmetry. If there is a path in your garden, place plants in similar pots along it. Make sure to keep equal distances.
  • Replace the lawn with light-colored gravel. Thanks to this, you will brighten the area and thus your garden will seem more spacious.
  • Place flowerbeds and shrubs as close as possible to the fence line, and place the remaining plants in hanging pots.

The best plants for a small garden

When selecting plants for a small garden, avoid tall species which can completely shade the garden. On a small plot of land, it is better to plant flowers and evergreen shrubs than trees. Remember that plants with flowers in cool colors make the space optically bigger.

Grow vegetables and herbs regardless of the square footage!

A small size of the garden is not an obstacle to growing herbs, vegetables or fruits. For this purpose, you can use a raised flower bed or a vegetable garden with a steel structure. Thanks to this, you will save space and at the same time you will be able to enjoy your own harvest.

A small garden with a terrace? It’s possible!

The terrace is a very important part of the garden, and the small size is no obstacle to having it! Bet on a light, wooden construction and adjust the size of the terrace to the garden. Remember about the plant decorations which will make the terrace a natural extension and an integral part of the garden.

A small garden on the balcony – show your creativity!

Who said that a cozy garden cannot be arranged on the balcony? All you have to do is show a bit of cleverness and creativity. Place the plants in the hanging gardens, and use the bench with storage as a seat and a toolbox. You can also install practical shelves on the balcony, where you can place decorations and necessary accessories.

A winter garden on the balcony

The winter garden on the balcony is a great extension of the apartment. When arranging such a space, remember to ensure proper ventilation. Try to choose a glazing that can be opened and closed. Thanks to this, you will provide fresh air to your winter garden. This is very important both in the context of the plants in it and your comfort.

A wall of greenery

Vertical gardens have been enjoying great popularity for some time now. They take up little space and can transform a small garden or even a balcony into a real forest thicket. A vertical garden is a vertical plant installation which can be placed both indoors and outdoors. A wall of greenery will surely enliven your garden or balcony!

Hanging gardens on the balcony

Hanging gardens allow you to save a lot of space. They are very practical as well. You can grow flowers as well as herbs or vegetables in them. Aluminum hanging gardens also have a decorative function and can effectively enliven the environment in which they are located. A balcony is a great place to use them!