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Advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs

Architects designing modern residential and commercial buildings can use a variety of solutions with regard to roofing covers. Among these solutions are functional flat roofs. What are the advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs? Is a house with a flat roof cheaper? More about this in today’s post!

What is a flat roof?

The flat roofs are  roofs with a slope angle of 0o to 3o depending on the place of measurement. Structures of this type are available in two variants:

  • ventilated – have thermal insulation and protection against moisture on the highest condignation. The layers are separated by the so-called air void.
  • non-ventilated – they do not have an air void between insulation layers. They are used on old coverings, especially during the modernization and renovation of the house.

It is worth adding that a slight inclination of the surface is necessary for roof panels to effectively drain rainwater during heavy rainfall.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of flat roofs?

Customers planning to build a single-family house often ask what the advantages and disadvantages offlat roofs are. The advantages of choosing flat roofs include:

  • high resistance to gusty, hurricane winds,
  • reduction of heat losses due to the reduced external partition,
  • low price – even 20% lower compared to the sloping structure,
  • modern and aesthetic design in line with the minimalist trend,
  • high safety when moving on the surface during technical works.

A disadvantage of a flat roof is a need for frequent snow removal in winter. In the case of non-ventilated flat roofs, we should add the lack of ventilation and moisture.

Is a flat roof house cheaper?

Investors planning to build a residential or commercial facility often think whether  a flat roof house is cheaper. Definitely flat  roofings contribute to lowering the total cost of the construction of the roof by up to 20%. Moreover, they are an attractive solution for people who want to build an ecological, so-called green utility roof.

Flat or gable roof – what to choose?

There is no clear answer to the question of what to choose – flat or gable roof. The undoubted advantage of the sloping structure is the efficient drainage of water during rainfall. They also do not require snow removal. A great advantage of a flat roof is a low price and the possibility of effective management of the surface roofing.

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