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Arranging a garden at a detached house – 10 tips

Arranging a garden at a detached house – 10 tips

A front yard garden is our private place to relax, and often also to grow flowers, vegetables and fruit trees. In this article, we are going to present 10 tips for arranging a garden at a detached house. Read and find out more!

Garden at a detached house – your private oasis of peace

A flowered garden adjacent to a detached house is definitely your private oasis of peace. Especially in urban areas, each piece of greenery is extremely valuable as far as the environment and relaxation are concerned. You should know how to design a front yard garden so that it will please our eyes with a unique appearance throughout the entire year.

How to design a front yard garden  – 10 practical tips

A lot of aspects need to be taken into account while designing green areas. It should not be forgotten that the garden should correspond with the architecture of a detached house, its façade or a roof built with the use of Hornval products – the company offers, among others, modern and elegant vegetable gardens. Below you can find 10 practical tips which help you learn how to design a front yard garden.

What plants are suitable for the front yard garden?

There is no doubt that the right selection of vegetation perfectly affects the attractiveness of the garden. Which plants should you choose for the front yard garden? We strongly recommend hydrangeas, boxwood, pansies, marigolds and columnar apple trees as well as azaleas.

How should you arrange stones in the garden?

Owners of detached houses who are planning to build a green enclave on their property often ask how to arrange stones in the garden. First of all, remove all plants and then lay the substrate – non-woven fabric. We place garden stones on it .

What flowers should you grow in the garden?

A lot of us dream of a flowered garden. What flowers should you select for the garden? It all depends on individual preferences. Annual flowers are worth recommending: nasturtium, sunflower, morning glory and calendula. Marigolds, asters and begonias are also popular.

How should you arrange a front yard garden?

People who want to delight their guests should know  how to arrange a front yard garden. One should consider the use of a uniform range of colours and the same materials as on the facade of a building, e.g. bricks or wood.

Should you use mycorrhiza?

Mycorrhiza is definitely worth using in the front yard garden. It has a positive impact on the development of plants, their reproduction and growth. Mycorrhizal vegetation also produces higher yields and flourishes much more intensively.

Should you install a garden fountain?

The installation of a garden fountain is a demanding task. The installation not only improves the visual qualities of the garden, but also allows you to relax with the pleasant sound of water. It is an elegant decoration and can be combined with a waterhole.

What vegetables can be grown in the front yard garden?

A front yard vegetable garden is a dream of many owners of a detached house. What vegetables can be grown in the garden? You should start from those sown from seeds, i.e. carrot, beet, parsley, radish and spinach. Remember that the practical vegetable garden is offered by the Blachodach brand.

How to take care of irrigation of the garden at the detached house?

Manual irrigation of the garden at a detached house is a great physical effort, especially on large-area properties. You should takie into account the automatic irrigation systems with controllers that water the plants themselves.

Garden gazebo – should you build it?

A garden gazebo is a practical variety of the fornt yard garden. Its construction will not only make your garden look more attractive, but it will also give you extra space to store garden tools or equipment.

Garden pergola – will it make your garden look more beautiful?

The decorative function is not the only task the garden pergola has. The structure will make your garden look beautiful and at the same time it will support the growing climbing roses and ivy.

Take care of the beautiful garden at the detached house!

Green areas are scarce spaces, especially in highly urbanised areas. If you are looking for a way to create a private oasis of relaxation, take care of a beautiful garden by a detached house and enjoy peace and quiet!