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Do I have to replace the roof truss?

A solid roof structure requires the use of an appropriate skeleton. Wooden roof truss is one of the most popular solutions in this area. In today’s article, we will answer the question of whether I need to replace roof truss. Read up!

  • What is a roof truss?

First of all, it is worth mentioning what is a roof truss. It is a roof frame often made of woodwhose main task is to transfer the loads from the cover roofing on load-bearing walls of a single-family house or other type of facility. Thanks to it, the own weight of the roof or the load due to snow accumulation does not adversely affect the structure. In addition to wooden trusses, there are also saddle trusses, slug trusses, and half-raft trusses.

  • What wood for the roof truss?

The most popular roof trusses are made of wooden elements. What wood is the best choice for the construction? The best material is coniferous wood: spruce, pine or fir. However, the individual raw materials differ in properties. Spruce has fewer knots, but is more difficult to maintain and has a lower durability than pine. Larch, in turn, is characterized by endurance and resistance to the development of fungi.

  • How many years will the roof truss last?

Regardless of the type of roof structure chosen, it may require periodic inspection, maintenance or complete replacement after a specified period of time. How many years will the roof truss last? If we notice that the roof is sagging and its load-bearing capacity decreases, it is a signal to plan the renovation. Sometimes it is enough to replace a few components and strengthen the structure. Depending on weather conditions and susceptibility to fungi, it can last for several dozen years.

  • How much is a roof truss?

One of the factors determining the choice of roof structure is the budget. How much is a roof truss? The price depends on many aspects. In the case of single-family house roofs, a gable or hipped structure is used. The first one is easy to install and does not have to be massive. As a result, the cost of its construction was reduced to approx. PLN 70 per m2 *. Hip roofs are more complicated and cost approx. PLN 110 per square meter.

* depending on the area in which the roof is made

  • What impregnation for the roof truss?

Wooden roofs require proper protection and maintenance. What impregnation for the roof truss? First of all, you should take care of security wood against the development of fungi and the nesting of insects. It is also worth remembering that the impregnating preparation should provide additional protection against moisture and fire. Roof contractors or sellers can help in choosing the right impregnation.

  • When is it worth replacing the roof truss?

Symptoms such as fungus or visible sagging roofs indicate when to replace roof truss. The service life of the structure can be extended by appropriate impregnation and proper selection of the raw material for wooden construction trusses. If you are looking for professional solutions in the field of roof construction for single-family houses and commercial buildings, you should definitely take advantage of the offer from Hornval!