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Guarantee conditions for natural roofing materials

The applied technology and the solid construction of the roof contribute to its durability. Regardless of the chosen roofing, it is worth checking the guarantee protection provided by the manufacturer. In today’s article, we discuss the terms and conditions of guarantee for natural roofing materials.

What are natural roofing materials?

Wood or stone are materials which are increasingly used by designers of roofs. What is natural roofing? The elements have the same functionally as metal roof tiles, but they differ in terms of technology and the raw materials used to make them. The owners of single-family houses or small commercial buildings appreciate them for their elegant and unique appearance. The great advantage of this type of components is their durability. Contrary to what you might expect, they do not require complex and frequent maintenance.

Wooden shingles made by manual splitting are the type of natural roofing, which is often chosen by lovers of traditional and ecological trends in architecture. Proper impregnation makes roof panels made of wood resistant to fungi and highly resistant to fire. However, before installing the roof panels, you should check them for any visible defects. If you do not do this, it may turn out that the previous damage is not covered by the guarantee.

What can be covered by a guarantee for natural roofing?

When choosing rooffing materials and technology, it is worth considering what can be covered by a guarantee for natural roofing. First of all, you should check who grants it – the seller, the manufacturer or the roofing company. It should clearly define the territorial scope, exclusions of liability, and above all, the duration. It must also contain contact details – who to contact in the event of a roof defect. You should remember that the guarantee usually does not cover damage caused by unexpected natural phenomena.

Warranty and guarantee for natural roofing

The difference between warranty and guarantee for natural roofing is a very important topic. These terms can be confused by consumers, which makes them vulnerable to future problems. The warranty is in fact the seller’s responsibility for any physical defects of the elements needed to build the roof. Its statutory period is 2 years. The scope of coverage of guarantee for roofing is completely different. It is usually provided by the manufacturer. It covers a much wider range of physical defects over a longer period of time.

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The selection of an elegant and durable roof affects the comfort of people using the building and the costs of possible maintenance procedures in the future. The choice of materials and manufacturing technology is as important as the terms and conditions of the guarantee coverage. If you are looking for professional support in the selection of components for the construction of the roof, then choose roofing materials with solid guarantee from Hornval! Our experienced consultants will help you select components tailored to the needs of your project.