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Guarantee conditions for PVC gutter systems

Effective rainwater drainage requires the use of efficient and durable guttering of the building. When selecting the gutter system, you should pay attention to both the technical aspects and the guarantee cover. This article focuses on the guarantee conditions for PVC gutter systems. We invite you to read on!

What are gutters and what gutter system to choose?

Let’s start by taking a quick look at gutters – what they are and what gutter system to choose. Guttering is one of the most important aspects of building houses and utility buildings. It consists of gutters, downpipes, spouts, drains, corners, mounting hooks, and clamps or special connectors. It is used for effective drainage of rainwater flowing from the roof, as well as the water formed as a result of snowfall or melting of residual ice. It is also an important factor influencing the aesthetics of the building.

The gutter systems available on the market provide flexibility in design. The installation should be selected taking into account the assumed service life and the climatic conditions. In places with heavy rains, hail or storms, it is worth choosing gutters resistant to mechanical impact and a wide temperature range. PVC gutter systems will be a good choice where there is a risk of accumulation of leaves and organic matter.

Guarantee for PVC gutter systems – what you should pay attention to?

Regardless of the technical parameters or the aesthetic aspects, the guarantee for PVC gutter systems is a very important factor in choosing guttering. What to pay attention to when choosing plastic guttering?

  • Duration of the guarantee – depending on the manufacturer, you can find products with a period of guarantee from 10 to even 50 years.
  • Scope of guarantee – guarantee usually covers structural durability, as well as the possibility of discolouration. It does not include mechanical damage.
  • Details – you should carefully read the terms and conditions of the guarantee. It may turn out that it does not apply to faults resulting from acid rain or assembly errors.

A very important factor in executing you rights under the guarantee coverage are the required periodic inspections and maintenance procedures. It is absolutely necessary to remember about them if they are required by the manufacturer.

The difference between guarantee and warranty for the gutter system

A common question asked by customers is about the difference between guarantee and warranty for the PVC gutter system. Guarantee coverage is provided by the manufacturer and is usually more comprehensive. Warranty is provided by the seller for the period of 2 years.

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The right selection of guttering for a house or a utility building ensures effective drainage of rainwater. If you are looking for proven solutions, choose reliable gutter systems with guarantee from Hornval!