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Hanging gardens Garden by Hornval – greenery at your fingertips

Hanging gardens Garden by Hornval – greenery at your fingertips

Getting in touch with nature in the city centre is a dream for anyone looking for a way to relax after a hard day. In this article, we present the modern Garden by Hornval hanging gardens, with which you can create a garden on your balcony and get greenery at your fingertips.

Green surroundings have a soothing effect on our bodies – they relax and unwind, reminding us of the benefits of communing with the wilderness. Nothing beats a trip to the woods or a trip to the lake. However, we cannot always afford such a trip, especially during a busy week. The bustling city centres do not help with relaxation, but a good substitute for relaxing in nature is a hanging garden on the balcony, which we are talking about today.

Why build a hanging garden?

By way of introduction, let us write: why build a hanging garden? First of all, using the innovative products of Garden by Hornval allows you to manage your balcony space wisely. We gain access to natural greenery at our fingertips. At the same time, we can grow herbs, flowers, as well as vegetables and fruit on the balcony. Small-scale vegetation also improves air quality in the centres of large agglomerations.

How do you make a balcony garden?

You already know the value of creating your own little green enclave. So let’s move on to answering how to make a balcony garden. First, we should plan what plants we intend to plant on the balcony. Depending on the available area, we can also consider hanging a hammock or making space for an armchair or sofa. It’s also a good idea to plant herbs for home cooking.

How do you start an herb garden on your balcony?

Growing herbs is a great idea to add variety to your look while practically using your balcony space. How do you start a herb garden on your balcony? By hanging a hanging garden from the Garden by Hornval collection. You will also need to choose an excellent all-purpose soil for the potted plants and ensure they can be taken inside in case of frosts.

Which flowers for hanging pots?

Herbs, fruit or vegetables are all elements that make excellent choices for a hanging garden on the balcony. Planting floral plants will also be a good idea to complement the space. Which flowers for hanging pots are worth choosing? Ivy-leaved pelargonium, fuchsia, lavender or mosquito plant are ideal for balcony conditions. Yellow Bidens (Bidens ferulifolia) flowers will also be an attractive option.

A green enclave on your balcony with Garden by Hornval!

If you’re looking for a way to develop your balcony space and relax in the city centre, then a green enclave on your balcony from Garden by Hornval will fulfil your dreams of having your own ‘secret garden’ at your fingertips… Check out Hornval’s range of products and see how to use modern products to build a balcony garden.