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How does the shape of the roof affect the costs of its construction?

How does the shape of the roof affect the costs of its construction?

The construction of the house involves the need to choose between a flat or pitched roof. Both solutions differ in production technology and price. In today’s text, we answer the question of how the shape of the roof affects the costs of its construction. Read and find out more!

The roof surface is one of the most important structural elements of the building – both technically and aesthetically. The shape of the roof directly affects the cost of the roof. It determines the necessity of using appropriate finishing materials or limiting the degree of slope of the slopes. One of the universal solutions in this aspect are modular metal roofing tiles – they can be used on surfaces with an angle of inclination of not less than 10 o.

How to calculate the cost of the roof?

People planning to build a house often ask how to calculate the cost of a roof. Regardless of whether traditional roof tiles are used or modern and practical custom-made metal roof tiles, it is worth remembering a few important aspects.

  • Roof area.
  • Roof slope angle.
  • Height of the object calculated to the hood.
  • Number of right and left edges.
  • Straight ridge lengths.
  • Number of ridgetiles.
  • Number of drain pipes, gutters and chimneys.

A very important design parameter is also the number of ventilation ducts with their outlet at the top of the building – running through the roof surface. When planning the construction of a house, it is worth consulting the cost of a flat and sloping roof with Hornval specialists.

Flat or pitched roof – costs

Another dilemma faced by investors planning to build residential buildings is the answer to the question – flat or pitched roof. Cost of both solutions depend on many factors. At the same time, it is worth considering functional aspects.

Flat roof costs

There is no doubt that the cost of a flat roof is much lower, due to the smaller area of the structure. It is worth remembering that flattening can be used, for example, for the construction of a roof terrace or as a so-called green roof. In addition, single-family houses with flat roofs are more energy-efficient. However, it is necessary to take care of their snow removal in the winter season and effective drainage of water.

Costs of pitched roof

Higher cost of a pitched roof translates into its rich functionality. The steep roof surface eliminates the problems associated with the need to remove snow, as is the case with a flat roof. The cost of erection is also compensated by the possibility of developing the attic. It can be used for warehouse purposes (as the so-called attic), as well as a full-fledged residential or office part in a single-family house.

A solid roof at a good price with Hornval!

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