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How to choose a gutter system for the roof surface?

How to choose a gutter system for the roof surface?

Selection of proper guttering of the building is the key to safe and effective drainage of rainwater. What is ERS (Effective Roof Surface)? How to choose a gutter system for the roof surface? Find out more in today’s article!

What is a gutter system and what is its purpose?

People who plan to build a house often ask what a gutter system is and what its purpose is.

The gutter system or guttering is used to drain water coming from precipitation. The gutter system is supposed to safely drain water outside the outline of the building so that it does not flow down the walls of the building.

The gutter system consists of gutters, drain pipes and elements such as:

gutter brackets, connecting pieces, drain funnels, elbows, bottoms, drain pipe clamps.

Elements of the system such as the rainwater catcher, which allows to recover rainwater used e.g. for watering the garden, have also been very popular for some time.

Which roof gutters will be the best?

Investors often ask which roof gutters will be the best.

There are various gutter systems available on the market, they can be divided in accordance with the material they are made of, shape, dimensions and colour.

Their selection significantly depends on the Effective Roof Surface – ERS. It is calculated on the basis of the length and height of the roof, as well as the horizontal distance between the corner and the ridge. One should remember that the ERS index in the case of flat roof structures or with a slope below 10o is simply equal to the total roof surface.

How many gutters and pipes should you install on the roof?

The number of gutters, drain pipes and what kind of cross-section is necessary depends on the specific design, and above all the dimensions of the roofline from which the rainwater is to be discharged.

It is assumed that one drain funnel can safely drain water from a max. 10 mb gutter installed with a slope of min. 2%. This is a slope of 2 cm per 1 mb.


What is the diameter of the roof gutter?

Another important aspect is the answer to the question of what diameter of the gutter and drain pipe for the roof will be proper for a specific project.

Each manufacturer individually determines the max. surface of the roofline from which a specific gutter system can safely drain water.

When selecting the proper gutter system, special attention should be paid to the dimensions of the gutter as well as drain pipes and one should adjust them to the size of the roofline.


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