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How to secure a house for roof renovations?

You should always properly secure your house during any renovation or construction works. The house is exposed to various weather conditions, especially in case of roof renovations. We are talking about rain in particular. An unprotected ceiling is prone to leakage. This, in turn, may lead to formation of stains and, in extreme cases, fungi or mold. Here we will advise on how to effectively protect your home when renovating the roof.

Roof renovation – time and weather

Roof renovations can be done with prior planning. For example our roof covering might show some deficiencies or our roof is starting to leak. This gives us time to plan the renovations of the roof in advance. Given the chance to plan a roof renovation, we should choose the summer months.

However, in many cases, the necessity for roof renovations arises unexpectedly. We don’t have the luxury of time; any delay may result in even more problems. The roof covering can deteriorate in a matter of days, and the risk of flooding becomes ever greater. In both cases – whether planned or sudden – the house should be properly secured for the period of roof renovations. The replacement of an entire roof truss involves the risk of water penetrating inside the house, e.g. through the ceiling. Penetration of water and moisture may result in the appearance of fungi or mold.

How to protect the house during roof renovations?

One way to protect your home during roof renovations is to cover it with gardening foil. Special attention needs to be paid to carefully secure this foil – especially in the event of strong winds. One way to reduce unnecessary risks is to work in stages. Remove the old roofing by parts. Pay attention not to allow the mineral wool to get wet in the attic. Should wet wool be closed in the roof, it will lead to mold and loss of insulation properties.

Another solution for securing the house during roof renovations is the use of a special tarpaulin. Professional roofing teams protect the ceiling and the skeleton of the roof with a tarpaulin sheet, before laying the roofing. The tarpaulins are usually blue. They are equipped with metal-secured openings, which are called tarpaulin eyelets. Through these openings, the sheets can be attached to the walls. The individual sheets of the tarpaulin are 10 × 15 m in size and can be joined together. Further sheets are also attached to wooden battens on the roof slope.

The roofing company will take care of securing the house for the period of the renovations.

However, it is worth mentioning at this point that such extended and demanding works as roof renovation are not performed independently. They are performed by specialized roofing companies, which, apart from proper renovation, will always secure the house for the period of works. This applies to both the replacement or patching of the roof covering, as well as the reconstruction of the roof, i.e. comprehensive replacement of the roof truss.