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Interesting idea – rooftop terrace

Interesting idea – rooftop terrace

Roofing doesn’t have to be boring! Thanks to modern technologies such as the Hornval Garden Roof, your roof can turn into a green enclave in the very heart of the city. If you would like to learn about an interesting idea for a rooftop terrace, we dedicate this post to you. Read and find out more!

A terrace on the roof? Interesting ideas!

A garden on a roof is no longer just a dream that can be achieved by a few. This is an interesting idea for a terrace that is readily available thanks to modern technologies. It can be applied both to the roof of a small single-family house and a large utility facility. Such a solution eliminates the negative effects of urbanisation processes in urban agglomerations. It ensures that an adequate amount of green space is available to residents and contributes to improved air quality.

How to arrange a rooftop terrace with the Hornval Garden Roof?

If you are considering building a green garden on your roof, you will certainly be interested in ways of decorating the rooftop terrace with the Hornval Garden Roof. The special product line of the Hornval brand offers a wide range of components for implementing green terrace structures. Professional products of this series include high-end panel sheeting, lawn edging, tree edging alongside hanging and vegetable gardens. The products are characterised by robust workmanship and are easy to assemble.

How do you make a terrace on the roof of your garage?

Many owners of single-family houses are wondering how to make a terrace on the roof of their garage. It turns out that it is a great idea that poses no major problems in terms of implementation. Components from the Hornval Garden Roof product line supplied by Blachodach will definitely help in the construction. For safety reasons, the flat garage roof should also be fitted with metal railings, which will provide effective protection for its users against falls from a height of several metres.

What roof slope do you need for the terrace?

Investors planning to build a green roof space often ask what roof slope on the terrace should be used. The terrace roof should have a slope of approximately 15%. The surface of the green roof itself may have a slight slope ranging from 1o to 3o. Such an incline will not reduce the utility value of the space, and at the same time will allow for efficient rainwater drainage without the effect of accumulation or excessive outflow. However,  it is advisable to consult with an experienced architect about the specifics of a given project.

Green terrace – your very own oasis!

Undoubtedly a green rooftop terrace is your private oasis in the heart of a vibrant city. A roof garden will not only make your space more attractive, but will also contribute to maintaining an appropriate microclimate. If you are considering developing the roof space of a single-family house, you should definitely choose the Hornval Garden Roof components provided by Horvnal! Experienced traders will help you with the selection of elements and prepare an individual price offer.