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Is it worth signing a construction contract?

The repair crews do not always fulfill their obligations on time. Often, the quality of executional works is also a problem. However, you can avoid it. In today’s article, we answer the question of whether it is worth signing a construction contract.

Why is it worth signing a construction contract?

It is a common practice to conclude oral arrangements in the field of renovation and construction works, especially in single-family and residential construction. It is worth remembering that in the event of failure to comply with the provisions of the construction crew, we do not have an effective tool to enforce the timely and correct execution of the order. That is why it is worth signing a construction contract with building contractors before starting works and paying an advance or a deposit for the purchase of necessary tools and materials.

What elements should a construction contract contain?

A written specification of the scope of the order and its confirmation by both the client and the contracting company protects both parties in the event of failure to comply with the contractual provisions. What elements should a construction contract contain?

  • Date, place of conclusion and contact details of both parties together with their names, surnames and business names (registered office address, company ID number, tax number, representatives).
  • In the case of cooperation with commercial companies, remember to verify the persons authorized to representation and including the entry number in the National Court Register and court of registration.
  • A precisely defined scope of the work assigned to the contracting party as well as qualitative and quantitative parameters that actually define the client’s expectations.
  • The date of commencement and completion of the order with a possible description of individual stages, as well as consequences of delays in the course of works.
  • It will also be necessary to provide detailed information on the possibility of earlier termination of the contract by either party in writing, otherwise being null and void.
  • Information on the remuneration and the form of its transfer, as well as possible advances and deposits for the purchase of materials necessary for construction or renovation.
  • Defining the role and participation of possible third parties, e.g. the fact of employing an investor’s supervision inspector or the rules of cooperation with other contractors.

A properly drafted contract with a construction contractor may also contain detailed information on predetermined material suppliers (e.g. cooperation with the roofing systems distributor Hornval).

Construction contract – effective security of your construction site!

Regardless of whether you plan to finish an apartment in developer standard, build a single-family house or renovate the kitchen and bathroom, it is important to legally secure the execution of works. A construction contract provides effective protection for your construction site. It defines the scope of works and quality requirements as to their effects, as well as date of their completion, terms of termination or the consequences of delays. When deciding to repairs or renovation, it is also worth taking care of cooperation with a proven supplier of building materials, such as the Hornval company.