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Repair or replacement of the roof – the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions

Repair or replacement of the roof – the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions

A number of factors, mainly environmental ones, affect the wear of the roof slope. After several to several dozen years, the moment comes to make a decision – repair or replacement of the roof. In today’s article, we present the pros and cons of both solutions. Read on and find out more!

Roof replacement, renovation or modernization – what should you decide?

The owners of single-family houses or commercial buildings have a choice of several variants: roof replacement, renovation or modernization. What should you choose? It all depends on the current technical condition of the roof surface, the budget and the goal we want to achieve (e.g. a major reconstruction, strengthening the structure or visual changes). What factors speak for a general renovation, or rather a complete roof replacement?

  • Incorrect fastening of elements that are prone to gusts of wind.
  • Inaccurate joining of the covering elements, resulting in leakage.
  • Badly made flashings, resulting in leaks in the structure.
  • Incorrect assembly of the roof drains, causing water leakage and destruction of the roof slope.
  • Selection of unsuitable technology and elements for the environmental conditions.

Unfortunately, if we are dealing with one or more of the above-mentioned cases, we absolutely must consider a complete roof replacement. Of course, it is worth trying to ask roofers if it is possible, and if so, how much does it cost to repair a roof. If we decide to carry out repair work or erect a new roof structure, it is worth using proven and solid components at a good price, i.e. modular metal roofing tiles by Hornval.

How much does it cost to replace a roof, and how much does it cost to repair it?

Before we get into the details, let’s check how much does it cost to replace a roof, and how much to repair it. In the case of using steel roofing tiles, we must take into account the cost of PLN 15 to 40per m2. The total replacement costs are correspondingly higher, because the total size of the roof is what counts.

Professional Roof Replacement – where to begin?

We decided to have the roof replaced professionally – what to start with? Before starting the project, the appraiser should assess the technical condition of the structure and the roof surface. Then we can clarify whether we want to change the roof technology or apply additional insulation and roof windows.

How long does it take to replace the roof?

Few people are aware of how long it takes to replace the roof. The actual implementation process – depending on the size of the roof slope – is usually completed within 2 to 7 days. Of course, you should also remember about the time needed to buy elements or make design arrangements.

Does a roof replacement need to be reported?

We often come across the question whether a roof replacement should be reported. It turns out that there is no need for such work to be reported. However, if, in addition to renovation, we plan to change the cubature of the building, interfere with the roof truss or roof windows, then notification is required.

Replacing, renovating, modernizing the roof? Only with modular roof tiles!

Regardless of whether you are planning a replacement, renovation or modernization of the roof – choose reliable and durable elements. Refresh your roof structure with modern modular steel roof tiles at a good price, offered by Hornval!