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Roof construction Why is it important?

The roof is a characteristic element of every house. It makes the highest part thereof, the coping. Apart from its aesthetic values, the roof plays an important role as protection against weather conditions. We present what a roof actually is and what functions it performs. It is worth to know that before you start to design and accomplish the house and its roof.

What a roof exactly is and what functions it performs?

The roof is the highest part of every building. Its main task is to cover the house and protect its interior against unfavorable weather conditions. The shape of the roof is very often designed according to the climatic conditions in which the house will be located. In the site where it is raining or snowing  frequently, the best solution is to use sloping roofs that ensure efficient drainage of rainwater and snow. A very good example are he highlander houses, typical of the Podhale and Tatra Mountains regions, with high, steep and multi-sloping roofs.

In modern construction industry, both in the single-family houses and in public buildings, flat roofs are very often applied. This type of architecture is most frequently found in big cities and their suburbs. They perfectly accord with the minimalist architectural trends. The big convenience this type of roofs is the relatively low construction cost, as well as easy access for cleaning or repairs making.

How is a roof built?

Each roof consists of two basic elements:

  • supporting structure – wooden beams are the most frequently used material for the construction of the roof’s supporting structure, the task of the supporting structure is to transfer the weight of the roof to the walls of the building
  • roof covering materials – the choice of cover material depends on the climatic zone and architectural style, the most popular roof coverings include: ceramic tiles, roofing felt, metal roofing tiles, concrete tiles and shingles.

Why is the roof structure so important?

The roof must be absolutely strong, made of the highest quality materials and with utmost care to every, even the smallest detail. It should be remembered that only a professionally made roof will properly protect the house and its inhabitants against adverse weather conditions. The roof must be water and moist resistant. Otherwise the entire roof structure would be damaged. A properly-made roof also has to provide effective thermal insulation. A properly-insulated roof significantly increases the house energy efficiency. Thus heated, or cooled air will not escape through the roof. This will reduce your bills for heating and electricity.

Also tightness, insulation properties, solidity and durability of the roof are of great importance. It is also necessary to pay attention to proper ventilation. It ensures optimal moisture drainage from under the roof covering material. Roof construction should always be entrusted to professionals who have both the experience and expertise to build a solid, durable and safe roof.