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Roof soffit lighting

Roof soffit lighting

Elegant and practical lighting of a roof soffit increases the visual attractiveness of a house, and at the same time improves visibility at the property at night. If you still don’t know how to install lighting in a roof soffit, then this article is for you!

What does roof soffit lighting mean?

People looking for modern lighting solutions for single-family houses and utility buildings often do not know what roof soffit lighting really means. Illuminating the roof soffit of a building most often stands for an LED installation mounted on the finish of the slope, so in the developed part of the lower section of the roof structure. When choosing the roof soffit lighting, it is worth remembering about selecting radio-controlled devices that can be controlled from a greater distance. The parameters of the roof slope itself are also important.

What roof soffit can be illuminated?

The following question we will answer is what roof soffit can be illuminated. In fact, any type of construction can include additional illumination. If we are just at the stage of designing a single-family house, it is worth taking into consideration the modern and solid steel or aluminium  system soffits. Thanks to the modular design, a great advantage of products from this category consists in easy and quick assembly, and at the same time trouble-free replacement in the event of renovation or damage. A steel or aluminium system soffit is perfect for installing lighting.

How dense and at what spacing should soffit lighting be installed?

Our clients often wonder how densely and at what spacing to install roof soffit lighting. It is worth remembering that installing lighting points every one meter is not optimal since modern LED lamps provide a high intensity of emitted light. It is often additionally dispersed. Therefore, installation should take place every few meters or only in bends and unusual places – in order to ensure optimal light coverage of an area directly adjacent to a single-family house.

How to connect lighting in a roof soffit?

An important issue that should be considered consists in answering the question how to install lighting in a roof soffit. Users can choose from two power supply methods – with a low-voltage transformer and by connecting the installation directly to the mains voltage with RCD protection. The first option is definitely safer. Installation often requires preparing holes for LED lamps – this process should be carried out with high precision not to damage the soffit modules.

If you plan to install roof soffit LED lighting, remember that the installation should be carried out by a person possessing electrical licenses. Self-assembly is dangerous for an inexperienced fitter and bystanders.

Professional roof soffit lighting

Lighting installed at a building’s entrance definitely improves its visual attractiveness, as well as the safety of users. If you want to use professional lighting for your roof soffit and you are at the stage of designing your house, then you should definitely consider using steel or aluminium roof soffits offered by Hornval! Experienced professionals will help you choose the best components for your project.