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Roof span and its construction type

Roof span and its construction type

The design and construction of roofing material requires vast knowledge as well as using components correct for the specifics of a given implementation. One of the aspects that is worth remembering is the dependence between the roof span and the type of its construction. This, and other topics in today’s post!

Erecting a single-family house or a utility building is associated with selecting an appropriate roof framework. There are a number of solutions available on the market, which include for example collar beam roofs, rafter roofs, rafter collar beam roofs, as well as purlin-straining beam roofs. It is the collar beam roof structure  that is considered the most stable. We will look at this and other varieties of roof technologies in more detail later in the article.

What roof span in relation to the structure?

An important question that we will briefly answer is what roof span is appropriate in relation to the structure. The simplest solution is the roof truss, which is used in roof slopes with a span of up to 7.5 m. What span is appropriate for a  collar beam roof mentioned before? This type of roof structure is dedicated for constructions with a span of the walls not exceeding 12 meters, and the slope inclination angle is at 67o maximum.

Which roof construction is best?

Many people planning to build a house or a utility building ask which roof structure is the best. There is no clear answer. However, it is worth knowing that an excellent component for building roofs consists in trapezoidal roof sheets. They allow constructing roof structures with a significant slope – reaching up to 90o. Its durability is estimated at a minimum of 25 years in the case of galvanization (in practice up to 50 years).

How to strengthen the roof structure?

The technology chosen for building a roof in the long run does not always correspond realistically with the environmental conditions in which it is used. In such a case it is worth knowing how to strengthen the roof structure. One of the popular methods of increasing strength consists in geometry correction – leveling the deformations of slopes by straightening the rafters and stiffening them. It is worth adding that often all it takes is to strengthen individual elements.

Is it possible to change the roof structure?

Mechanical damage or construction errors result in that it is not always possible to strengthen the roof slope. That is when the question arises whether it is possible to change the roof structure. Of course, this is possible. It is worth considering replacing the current roofing with trapezoidal roof sheets. Structural changes may also be necessary if we want to install solar collectors or photovoltaic panels.

Reliable components for constructing roof structures!

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