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Soffit – Frequently Asked Questions

Soffit – Frequently Asked Questions

Building a roof for a house requires a number of aspects. The soffit is one of the elements of the roof structure. In today’s post, we present the most frequently asked questions about the steel and aluminum soffit. We invite you to read this article!

What is a soffit?

Not all owners of single-family homes know what a soffit is. The soffit is an element used to finish the roof structure. It is installed on the underside of the eaves. Its main tasks are the protective and insulating function. The soffit of the roof also serves a decorative role. The offer of Hornval includes high-class soffits made of steel and aluminum. The products are appreciated for their durability and elegant appearance.

How to calculate the meters of the soffit?

Often the question arises how to calculate the meters of the soffit.. On the Internet, we can find a number of practical calculators which will help us with calculations. First of all, you should take into account the dimensions of the building and the soffit itself. Based on this, we will know how many modules we will need to cover the entire roof structure.

What is a soffit made of?

The next question asked by users is – what is the soffit made of? The soffits for the eaves, recommended by specialists, are made of aluminum or steel sheet. These types of products are characterized by an excellent service life and durability, and also maintain a great appearance for many years. They are a better solution in terms of resistance to damage and high temperatures, compared to PVC soffit.

A steel or aluminum soffit?

We often face the question – steel or aluminum soffit? Both solutions have their own merits. Products made of aluminum are distinguished by light construction and the ease of transport and installation. The products, covered with an additional protective coating, are corrosion-resistant and damage-resistant. The advantages of steel soffits include high aesthetic value, no need for additional maintenance, and resistance to changing weather conditions.

A solid soffit from the Hornval offer

You already know that the soffit is one of the most important executive elements of every single-family house roof. Made of aluminum and steel, soffits have a number of advantages and are an excellent choice in any application. For their installation, it is worth using high-quality glue that will ensure a good fixation. If you are looking for a trusted supplier of roof soffits, the solid soffit from Hornval offer will meet your expectations!