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Top 10 things when choosing a soffit

Finishing the roof structure requires the use of proven and well-selected elements. One of such components are soffits. In this article, we present the most important information about them – the top 10 when choosing soffits.

What is a soffit?

Customers planning to build a single-family house often ask what’s a soffit. The soffit – also known as an underlining – is a protective element that ensures tightness of the roof structure. It also has an aesthetic function. It masks and protects the eaves and exposed rafters, protecting them against moisture. At the same time, it prevents the nesting of insects and birds. Among the most popular soffits are system soffits, the supplier of which is also Hornval.

What should you look out for?

Roof finishes are structures with a number of different performance parameters. What should you look out for? What soffit should you chose?

  1. Material – products made of wood, PVC and steel are available on the market. However, steel or aluminum soffits should be especially appreciated.
  2. Conservation – the choice of the raw material from which the soffit is made determines its subsequent conservation. The simplest solution are elements made of PVC.
  3. Durability – depending on the risk assessment for adverse weather conditions, components of various strength are available – steel or PVC soffits are the most durable.
  4. Colors – color of system soffits should be tailored to the style of the building. You can often find soffits modeled on the natural appearance of wood.
  5. Repair – components can be damaged. It is worth remembering that soffits usually made of PVC  are less resistant to damage than steel or aluminum soffits.
  6. The installation of steel or aluminum soffits is very similar to the PVC soffit.
  7. Climate – when the house is located in a place with high temperature amplitudes and rainfall, a solid sheet soffit will be the best solution.
  8. Cost – PVC elements are the cheapest and the least durable. Much better and not much   more expensive are wooden and metal components.
  9. Ventilation – it is worth paying attention to the design soffits in terms of ventilation. Poor air flow and excessive moisture can have a negative effect on the roof structure.
  10. Weight – the weight of the elements is an important aspect that the designer should take into account at the stage of designing the roof.

The appropriate stiffness and strength of steel or aluminum soffits will make us enjoy the high quality of the roof structure for many decades.

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Aesthetics and protection of the internal roof structure are one of the main tasks performed by modern roof soffits. If you are wondering what kind soffits you choose for your home, then you should definitely choose reliable soffits from Hornval!