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We buy a plot for a dream house

When deciding to build their own home, everyone has their own vision of how it will look like. For some, the most important thing is the location and they dream, for example, that their home is close to the forest. For someone else, accessibility may be the most important. Another will pay special attention to the size of the house, and another one to ecological solutions. As many people as many ideas. However, there are certain things that everyone should think over before buying a plot for their own home.

A plot for the house – location

One of the things we should think carefully over before buying a plot of land for the construction of a house is the location. It is worth noting that everyone can have individual preferences as to the location of such a plot. When choosing the location of a plot for a house, it will be helpful to draw up a list in which we will point out exactly what we expect from the location of our future home:

  • accessibility – it is worth checking whether in the vicinity of the plot there are access roads to the city, places where we work, bus stops, or a railway line.
  • proximity to a forest, lake, river – for many people the proximity to interesting natural places is of great importance; so it is worth getting to get acquainted with the area before buying a plot,
  • proximity to other buildings – many people who decide to have their own house, want to live in an area that is already built-up, where there is a local community. Ties with other people are of great importance for a social being that is a man.
  • availability of shops and services – it is also worth making sure that there are shops and service points in the area. Many things can then be settled on the spot.
  • avoid a strenuous area – it is also worth checking if there are no burdensome industrial plants, landfills or water treatment plants in the vicinity of the plot. Such a neighbourhood will be associated with polluted air, and often also with unpleasant odours.

A plot for the house – a suitable yardage and shape

The plot that we are going to buy must be appropriately adapted for the construction of a single-family house. It should have the right yardage to realize all your plans and so that you would be able to arrange our garden. The best plot for the construction of a single-family house is one that has a regular shape close to a rectangle or square, and its width is at least 22 m. The area of the plot for the construction of the house should be at least 700-800m2. We should also pay attention to the location of the plot in relation to the directions of the world. This has a significant impact on the location of the premises in the house and on the use of renewable energy sources e.g. photovoltaics.

A plot for the house – armament of the plot and local plans

It would be very good if the plot that we want to buy for the construction of the house was equipped with utilities, electricity, gas and water. Thanks to this, we will avoid additional works, but do remember that such a plot will be a bit more expensive than an unarmed plot. It is worth considering which solution will be more profitable. Before buying a plot of land for the construction of a house, you should also check the records of the local space development plan (MPZP). Studying the records in the local development plan will also allow for making sure that no burdensome industrial plants will arise in the area. In a situation where the zoning development plan has not been developed for the area where we plan to build a house, it is necessary to apply for a decision on development conditions (WZ).