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What are the signs shown by a roof that it is high time to think of a renovation?

The roof forms a barrier for the whole house, protecting it and its inhabitants against unfavourable weather conditions. Therefore, you should pay attention to the condition of the roofing and its structure, and its regular inspections are not only a matter of aesthetics, but above all, they are matter of safety. We advise what are the issues you have to focus on in particular when it comes to the condition of the roofing and what are the signs shown by a roof that it is high time to think of renovation.

When to renovate the roof outer covering?

In certain cases, it may be necessary to replace the entire structure, the roof truss, but in most cases it will be enough to repair the outer covering. The renovation is advisable, or even unavoidable, if:

  • the roof starts to leak and water enters into the living quarters, which can result in a lot of damage,
  • we are noticing a visible damage to the covering; in such circumstances the roof surface should be repaired as soon as possible in order to eliminate the risk of leakage (it is much easier in case of owners of tiled roofs – sometimes it is enough to replace individual elements, while with the roofs covered with metal tiles or bituminous shingles, it will be necessary to replace the entire surface),
  • The lack of visual attractiveness of the roofing material may be yet another reason for its renovation – even the best-made roofing loses its original appearance after a certain period of time and requires refreshing.

When should the entire roof structure be replaced?

Usually, it is enough to renovate or refresh the roofing surface, but in some situations we may have to rebuild the entire structure of the roof. The roof is replaced in situations where:

  • the structure of the roof truss is eaten by insects parasitizing in wood,
  • stiff surface or truss is attacked by a fungus,
  • whenever the slope bends and the structure breaks.

The following situations require the fastest possible reaction. Ignoring or neglecting these risks can lead to serious consequences and, in extreme cases, even to a construction disaster.

When else is it advisable to have the roof repaired?

However, renovation, repair or reconstruction of the roof should be considered not only for safety reasons. We should also decide to replace the entire roof structure or roof covering in the event that:

  • we want to refresh the visual appearance of the roof,
  • we are planning to adapt the attic to a usable attic.

Ceramic and cement tiles are classified as heavy roof coverings, and the constructor takes their weight into account as early as at the design stage. Therefore, if we intend to replace the roofing made of steel tiles with a tile, we should replace or at least strengthen the roofing structure. However, when just replacing the tiles with other tiles, we do not need to consult an architect or strengthen the roof truss structure, if it remains in a good condition. When adapting the attic, remember to take into account the weight of the insulation, in which case it is recommended to consult the constructor.

Removal of eternite coverings

The owners of buildings covered with asbestos tiles are obliged to remove them by 2032 at the latest. This obligation was imposed by the European Union. The job should be entrusted to a company with appropriate permissions. On the other hand, the dismantled asbestos-containing tiles should be disposed of.