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What should be put under the roofing?

The right choice of primer for roofing determines the quality of the roof. It stiffens its structure and provides direct support and protection of the roof structure. At the same time, it is a barrier to rainwater, which prevents rainwater from getting underneath the roofing. It is also a protective layer for water vapor that can condense in the attic area or a segment that allows its free flow. In this article, we will focus on materials underneath the roofing. Read up!

  • What is put underneath the roofing?

People planning to build a single-family house often ask what is underneath roofing. Primers are roof accessories placed under the top layer of the roof. What are their functions?

  1. Stiffening – they ensure the stiffness of the structure by connecting the trusses with each other. The most durable in this respect are MDF boards, which are characterized by the highest stiffness. For comparison, the least rigid are the grates made of battens and counter-battens. It is worth remembering that these parameters also depend on the cross-section of the elements and their spacing.
  2. Sealing – regardless of roofing selected by the constructor, it cannot guarantee 100% tightness and protection against rainwater. Primers  constitute an additional sealing layer – roofing felt, foil or the NON AQUA system are used.
  3. Support – the elements constituting the intermediate layer of the roof structure also provide the necessary support roofing material. Primers need adequate stiffness, especially in the case of roofs made of flat sheets. In the case of roofing felt and shingles, wood-based MDF panels are used.

Properly selected primers are also important elements affecting the ventilation of the entire structure. While selecting, one should take into account the thermal insulation properties and the possibility of drying the truss.

  • What roofing underlays are available?

On the market, we can find various types of accessories for the construction of the intermediate roof layer. What roofing primers are available?

  • Full decking, for which wooden boards and roofing felt or membrane are used . This solution has good vapor permeability while maintaining protection against moisture.
  • Lathes, which are made in the form of counter battens nailed parallel to the rafter itself and battens installed perpendicular to it. It is worth adding that a membrane in the form of a multilayer film with good permeability parameters is placed between them
  • In the case of large-area roofs with non-insulated roofs (production halls, warehouses, etc.), it is possible to install sheets with the NON AQUA system.

Professional roof primers are the last element performed before the proper roof layer is laid on single-family houses or commercial buildings.

  • Choose a good cover and build a solid roof!

Maintaining the stability and rigidity of the roof structure, and at the same time good thermal insulation parameters, requires the use of additional intermediate layers. Choosing the right one roofing material will definitely allow you to build a solid and durable roof for years!