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What to insulate the roof and attic with?

Single-family houses with an attic are the most common choice among investors. This type of solution, however, requires additional insulation. In this text we suggest how to insulate the roof and the attic. Read and find out more!

The appropriate height, lighting distribution and thermal comfort are aspects that should definitely be taken into account when designing the attic and the roof. A well-designed space can be used as a place to work or relax, as well as a functional storage room. In today’s text we will focus on how to insulate the roof and how to insulate the attic properly. We will also mention where to find professional roofing accessories.

What’s the best way to insulate the roof?

Many investors planning to build a house or a utility facility are wondering what is the best way to insulate the roof. There are three most popular solutions to choose from: wool, foam and polystyrene. How do they differ?

Roof or attic insulation with wool

Investors very often choose insulation of the roof or attic with mineral wool. Its pros include, first of all, low own weight and excellent fire protection properties. Non-combustible mineral wool is also characterized by very good thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as a high ability to pass condensed water vapor, which is of considerable importance.

PUR foam for roof insulation

Modern PUR foam for roof insulation is widely used in modern housing and commercial construction. If you are wondering how to insulate your attic and roof, pay attention to PUR foam. It is the quickest method of insulation with very good thermal parameters. Its application, however, requires specialized knowledge and equipment.

Insulation of the attic and roof with styrofoam

The last way we mention is to insulate the attic and roof with styrofoam. The use of the so-called of expanded styrofoam boards ensures flexibility of assembly and good thermal insulation. The boards made of extruded polystyrene with high hardness, limited water absorption, and at the same time excellent thermal parameters deserve a special mention.

How to properly insulate the attic?

We now know what insulation materials to use. Let’s move on to the answer to the question – how to insulate the attic properly? The process depends on the material. It begins with taking measurements between the rafters and determining the area that we want to insulate. In the case of mineral wool and foamed styrofoam, we can do the laying ourselves. The use of PUR foam already requires the use of a special aggregate.

Are you renovating the roof? See the professional roof accessories!

Installation of attic insulation and roof surface does not always require specialist knowledge or skills. Styrofoam boards and mineral wool are a good choice for people who want to do the work by hand. Persons planning to employ a construction crew should consider using modern PUR foam. If you are renovating the roof, see the professional roof accessories offered by Hornval!