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When is the best time to plan a roof renovation?

The roof is a barrier protecting the house against weather effects. Regular inspections of its condition are not only a matter of aesthetics, but above all safety. Renovation or replacement of the roofing are inevitable steps in case the roof starts to leak. Roof renovation should also be done when we want to refresh the appearance of the roof or replace the roofing. Another reason for the renovation of the roof may be our desire to convert an attic into a loft.

When to perform a roof inspection?

There is always good time to inspect the condition of the roof – both the roofing and the roof structure – but it’s best to do it after the winter is over, in early spring. That’s when we have more time to plan a possible renovation and find a specialised team of professionals – roofers who will first check the condition of our roof, and then carry out the renovation work, if necessary. The specialists will also evaluate whether it will be necessary to replace the entire roofing or is it enough to replace and refresh its individual elements.

However, we should also keep in mind that in some cases, we may not have time to plan the renovation – e.g. when the roof leaks heavily – and the renovation should be performed as soon as possible. However, even in such situations it’s also necessary to perform an inspection of roof condition – it may turn out that the problem is more complex than we assumed. With such emergencies, the inspection should also be performed as soon as possible.

Reasons for renovating the roof

However, the leakage of the roof is not the only reason that dictates the decision to renovate the roof. Roof renovation will be necessary in case the roof structure has been infested by pests – insects, or if the truss has been attacked by mould, fungus, as well as when the roofline sags, and roof structure cracks. Another reason may be the desire to replace the roofing material, e.g. from steel sheet tiles to ceramic tiles – the desire to change the appearance or improve visual attractiveness of the roof. The decision to renovate the roof is also made by people who want to adapt an attic into a loft.

When to carry out a roof renovation?

Therefore, if we performed a roof inspection in the spring, it’s best to plan the renovation of the roof for the summer. Due to the properties of wood, which is most often used to make roof structures, this material should be dry when performing any work and the ambient temperature should be as high as possible. This will guarantee the best conditions for working on the roof and the highest durability of wood. The most favourable conditions for working with wood are at a temperature of around 5 °C to 20 °C, with dry and free from moisture air.

We don’t always have influence over when to plan the renovation of the roof – sudden situations can force us to take immediate actions. However, if we carry out a roof inspection in a timely manner, we can also plan the renovation of the roof well in advance. And if the roof renovation will be performed in a timely manner, it will prevent emergencies and failures of the roof at a time that is less fitting for renovation.