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Which gutters to choose?

Modern gutter systems made of steel and  PVC plastic allow for effective drainage of rainwater from the roofs of single-family houses or from industrial plants. If you are wondering which gutters to chooseyou should definitely read our article!

Durable and efficient steel gutters for a house

High resistance to mechanical damage and corrosion are one of the advantages of durable and efficient steel gutters for the house. Gutter systems made of galvanized metal sheet are not susceptible to the formation of rust spots. The structures of this type can be additionally covered with a protective layer made of polyester or pural. When plastisol is used to build a protective coating, special couplings or snap clasps with a rubber gasket are used. Gutters are easy to install due to the use of specially designed clasps.

Galvanized steel guttering is an excellent choice wherever there are heavy loads of the gutter systemin winter caused by the accumulation of snow and ice. Steel gutter it is also not susceptible to temperature changes ranging from -40 to +100oC due to the very low coefficient of linear expansion. The above-average mechanical resilience and the resistance to changing weather conditions make the durable coated steel gutter system last for up to 50 years without the need to replace it.

Innovative and practical plastic PVC gutters

One hundred percent corrosion resistance and low price are the advantages that characterize innovative and practical plastic PVC gutters. Gutter systems for the home made of PVC plastic are not susceptible to mechanical impacts or scratches that may occur during hail or gusts of wind. The low roughness coefficient of plastics, reaching as low as 0.007 mm, makes the guttering of this type very smooth. As a result, installations using PVC are able to drain water perfectly and there are no small leaves or dirt accumulating inside.

Innovative gutter systems made of PVC plastic are offered in a wide range of colors, which allows for easy adaptation to various styles. Moreover, plastic gutters are very flexible, thanks to which they can be further processed and cut already at the stage of final assembly. Guttering with PVC it is usually mounted with the use of metal hooks and special clamps, which are additionally coated with a layer of plastic coating, which increases the longevity of the entire structure.

Steel or plastic gutters – what to choose?

Both steel gutters, and plastic gutters have advantages and disadvantages specific to a particular material of manufacture. What gutter system will be the best for your house?

  • Steel gutters – they are an excellent choice wherever there is a high ice and snow load in winter. They are characterized by an above-average lifespan (up to 50 years) and resistance to UV radiation.
  • Plastic PVC gutters – a cheap and easy-to-install solution with high smoothness, prevents clogging of the installation with dirt. However, it is characterized by high thermal expansion, which disqualifies its use with wide temperature changes.

When deciding on the choice of guttering, it is also worth paying attention to the quality of assembly elements and to whether it can be adapted to the architecture of the building.

Choose a reliable gutter system for your house!

Efficient drainage of water can only be ensured by reliable gutter system for houses. If you are thinking whether to choose plastic gutters or steel gutters and you are looking for professional support in the selection of guttering and assembly, do not hesitate to contact us!