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A house with or without a garage?

People who plan to build their own single-family house often wonder about the possibilities of garage parking. A house with or without a garage?? Freestanding or in a block of a building? In the article, we compare the advantages, disadvantages and costs of the available solutions.

The development of the automotive industry has made it practical for every single-family house owner to own a car. When planning construction, private individual investors often consider the possibility of garage parking. Some people decide to build a house with a garage, others to build a carport, and still others choose to park “under the cloud”. Choosing a specific solution is a decision which is worth thinking about carefully.

A house with or without a garage – the pros and cons of both solutions

When considering the subject of a house with or without a garage, you should consider the pros and cons of both solutions. An indisputable advantage of choosing the first solution is the ability to protect the car against the adverse effects of weather conditions. An additional advantage is also the possibility of getting in and out of the vehicle without exposure to rain or snow. Especially if we equipped the house and garage with automatic doors and entrance gates.

Of course, choosing a house with a garage entails higher investment costs. However, in this way we prevent the risk of damaging the car in the parking lot near the house and reduce the likelihood of theft. When deciding on a detached backyard garage, we should take into account the higher heating costs and the relatively larger area of the property that will be occupied. We have no doubt that the answer to the question a house with a garage or separate is “with a garage”!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a proven supplier of roofing materials for the construction of a garage structure, then take an interest in the wide range of steel and aluminum roofs from the Hornval brand recognized in the industry!

The costs of a house with and without a garage – a comparison

The fact is that comparing the cost of a house with and without a garage speaks in favor of the latter. Then we simply do not spend money on building a garage structure in any form. So let’s look at the cost of building a garage.

  • A detached garage – this solution is more expensive and takes up more space, but its advantage may be a larger area for parking several cars or workshop work.
  • A garage in the shape of the house – this is the best solution in most cases. It only requires taking into account the additional insulation of the house itself.

Regardless of which solution we choose, we must take into account the costs of building the foundations for the garage, erection of load-bearing and partition walls, as well as the construction of the ceiling, exterior joinery and finishing, and design. A house with a garage and a reliable roofing

You already know that a house with a garage and a reliable roofing in Hornval is an investment that will increase your living comfort and the safety of car parking. If you are considering building a single-family house, be sure to choose a trusted supplier of roofing.