Roofing and gutter systems for your home and business.

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Our mission is to co-create your place on earth. We want you to feel as good as possible in it. That you feel safe and comfortable. By choosing Hornval you can be sure that this is the optimal choice, not a compromise.

Hornval products are available in EU countries. We are happy that our commitment and innovative approach to the industry has been recognized by demanding European markets.

Home, company
and its surroundings

We operate in three sectors: roofing and gutter systems for your home and business, roof and façade sheet for your business, and small architecture that will make the environment of your home or your company’s place friendly and pleasing to people.


The transport of products made of coated sheets is extremely important. When transporting from place to place, products may get scratched. It is very important that you carefully inspect the materials provided. Sometimes there will be a need to replace the loss created during transport. We recommend using professional touch-up paints. 

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striving for development

Our specialists are constantly working on new solutions for your home, garden or company. Every year, we implement innovative products for production. Due to the more and more frequent storms and storms, we have developed a deeper and more efficient gutter system that perfectly manages rainwater drainage. We produce our roofing materials in a modular system, which significantly reduces transport and roofing costs, but also reduces the costs of roof renovation and maintenance.

Products classes


STANDARD class steel sheets with anti-corrosive coatings can be classified as a group of economic products. These products are characterized by good durability at low purchase costs. They are especially recommended in the implementation of roof coverings protecting farm buildings, sheds and garages.


The SUPER sheet metal sheets covered by a 25-year warranty are products with increased strength parameters and increased aesthetic standard. They are recommended for the implementation of roofing in standard construction. They work well in places exposed to adverse factors. SUPER grades are high-strength steel in combination with anti-corrosion layers that protect it and fulfill the aesthetic role of decorative varnishes.

Super PLUS

Why is this class stand out in the plus? Because the thickness of the SUPER PLUS sheet is up to 0.50 mm in the positive tolerance – and the thickest plate appearing in this segment on the market, which makes it stiffer and more stable.

De Luxe

DE LUXE class sheets are a representation of the latest technologies in the production of steel sheets. DE LUXE class sheets are characterized by reliable durability and attractive aesthetics. 

0,7 Class

The 0.7 grade is high quality sheet metal for industrial applications. This class is recommended for high quality 0.7 mm trapezoidal sheet metal.


The ZINK class consists of two products: galvanized sheets and sheets with a layer of aluzinc. Both materials are used in the production of trapezoidal sheets. Alu-zinc coating is more resistant to weather conditions due to the use of aluminum and zinc alloys.

Long Version

The Long Version class is cut to size. Sheet metal can have a maximum length of 10 meters.

Module Version

The Module Version class is a module sheet consisting of one or two pressed modules. This minimizes the amount of waste when laying the roof. Module sheets are easier to transport and store (often one roof can fit on one Euro pallet). It is easier to install a modular cover (you do not have to pull on the roof of long sheets, risking their damage) and its possible repair.


The NON AQUA anti-condensation barrier solves problems with condensation inside buildings. The use of a coating on the bottom layer of the roofing material retains moisture in a special ‘pocket’ formed in the membrane. As a result, it does not condense and do not damage the materials below the roofing. Moisture is held in the membrane until ambient conditions fall below the dew point. Then the water is evaporated as a component of ordinary moisture. The NON AQUA anti-condensation barrier is a self-adhesive membrane implemented for roofing during the pressing process.