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The ECO+ processing system is mainly used on residential buildings. Treatments are produced on professional, fully computerized machines, which guarantees 100% repeatability of the products.

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Ridge tiles and ridges

Ridge tiles and ridges protect the top of the roof against water and snow (during rainfall). It also protects against other external factors that could get under the roof cover.

Ridge tile

Straight ridge tile

Conical ridge

Straight ridge

Universal ridge

Basket gutters

Basket gutters are elements mounted on the roof slope connection. This zone is exposed to the heaviest loads of water or snow. The basket treatment is additionally sealed with self-adhesive wedges, which protect against water and snow blowing, as well as allow for proper ventilation.

Small basket gutter

Large basket gutter

Gutter belt

The gutter belt is mounted on the front panel of the building. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, it prevents the front board from getting wet.
The purpose of the upper gutter belt is to protect the soffit and walls of the building against water and snow blowing between the roof sheeting and Roof gutter. Protects the wall against dampness and damage to the building facade.

Lower gutter belt

Upper gutter belt

Other elements

Bottom drip edge

The bottom drip edge is a supplement to the upper drip edge, i.e. if the side edge of the roof is wider than 10 cm, then we use the bottom drip edges, which we put under the top drip edges, without covering the board or the side rafters of the roof.

Upper drip edge

The upper drip edge overlaps the approximately ten centimetre-long section of the roof slope, while the other overlaps the side edge of the roof. Its purpose is to protect the side edge of the roof from being blown up by the wind, as well as to prevent water from getting under the roofing.


The connector is mounted on a combination of different materials. The rafter works all the time – that is why there is a need for the use of bevel flashings, where one flashing is fixed to the slope and an additional protective strip to the masonry.

Snow barrier

The Snow barrier and snow catcher are designed to prevent gutters from being torn off by sliding snow, as well as to prevent damage from falling overhangs (in front of the building).

Starting slat to H5

The starting slat for H5 is the flashing which helps to assemble the first sheet above the gutter.

Roof accessories

Roofing tape

It is commonly used for sealing flashings at roof and ridge bays, near-ceiling parts, skylights, chimneys as well as ventilation and roof windows. This tape provides long-lasting tightness and high resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Roof foil

It is one of the most important elements of the roof construction. Provides thermal insulation and protects against blown snow and rain. The roof foil is vapor permeable (it transmits water vapor penetrating from the inside). Steam permeability: 3000g / m2 / 24h

Ridge tape

The single-layer ventilation tape is used as a ventilation and sealing element for horizontal and diagonal risers. It is made of profiled aluminum sheet, polyester geotextile with thermosetting fibers and a self-adhesive butyl tape. It protects the roof slope against the penetration of snow, rain, moisture, dust and dust from the side of the ridge.

Wedge gasket

Self-adhesive gaskets made of technical or filtration foam. They prevent dust, dirt and leaves from getting under the roof cover.
They protect against blowing snow. Used for sealing basket gutters, roof window collars, ridge.

Profile seals

Dedicated to roof tile and trapezoidal sheets.

Screw with gasket

Screws with gaskets are used for fixing roof tiles, trapezoidal sheets and flashings. Rubber gasket, which has a screw, is resistant to weather conditions, thus ensuring tightness of the fixing.

Ventilation fireplaces

The ventilation chimneys support the exchange of air under the roofing. Available in insulated and non-insulated versions, dedicated to all types of roofing tiles and trapezoids produced by Hornval.

Touch-up paint

It is used for spotting scratches or other damages that have been created on the paint coat during, for example, transporting, pulling sheet metal onto the roof. Varnishes are available in spray or in a container.

Rooflight S18/S35

Made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, Hornval skylights are great for lighting production and storage halls. Working temperature from -40˚C to + 120˚C guarantees that our skylights perfectly cooperate with trapezoidal sheet, not deforming under the influence of changing weather conditions.


Our NON AQUA anti-condensation barrier solves problems with condensation inside buildings. The use of a coating on the bottom layer of the roofing material retains moisture in a special ‘pocket’ formed in the membrane. As a result, it does not condense and do not damage the materials below the roofing.

Do you need something more?

To meet the needs of our contractors, Hornval has launched non-standard machining. We carry out flashings that are used on industrial facilities (production halls, department stores, supermarkets, car showrooms, gas stations). We can perform treatments up to 6 m long and 0.75 mm thick from material entrusted to you or your own, according to the customer’s technical drawing. Each query is considered separately, and the valuation depends on the amount and width of machining. The valuation is made by a technical and commercial advisor after receiving a fax or e-mail request with a drawing. The answer is on the same day and the deadline is no longer than 7 working days. In exceptional situations, we are able to shorten this time to 1 day.

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