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Advantages and drawbacks of galvanized gutter systems

In order for rainwater to be effectively drained from the roof, you should invest in an efficient and tight gutter system – guttering. There are diverse gutter systems available on the market, both in terms of shape and material used. Gutter systems made of galvanized steel are a very popular option. What are the distinguishing features as well as advantages and drawbacks of galvanized gutter systems?

Galvanized gutter systems – key information

One of the materials used to make gutter systems is galvanized steel sheet. Individual elements of such guttering are produced with the use of modern machines, which guarantees the repeatability of these elements, which translates to compatibility and the possibility of fitting them together. The sheets used for the production of such systems are 0.5-0.7 mm thick, while the zinc coating should have a density of 275g/m2. A tin-lead LC60 rod is used to connect the individual elements of the galvanized sheet gutter systems. Guttering made of galvanized steel sheet is the most popular gutter system in Poland.

Advantages of galvanized gutter systems

The strengths, advantages of galvanized gutter systems are:

  • good protective properties – steel gutters are coated with zinc, which effectively protects the entire drainage system,
  • high resistance to unfavorable weather conditions – the zinc layer also provides protection against other external factors,
  • the highest mechanical strength among all materials from which the gutter systems are made,
  • relatively long service life – it is estimated that galvanized steel systems can serve about 50 years or even longer,
  • both entire gutter systems made of galvanized steel as well as individual elements are produced in various color variants (including black, white, red, copper, silver and even gold), so you can match the color and style of the house facade, roofing, soffit, window joinery or small garden architecture,
  • high resistance to damage and loads – galvanized gutter systems are able to withstand loads caused, for example, by snow or ice.

Disadvantages of galvanized gutter systems

The weaknesses, disadvantages of galvanized gutter systems are:

  • relatively high price, e.g. compared to plastic gutter systems,
  • there may be a problem when selecting the same color of the gutter system elements, if for any reason we wish to replace a component,
  • gutter systems made of galvanized sheet metal require regular and constant maintenance, as well as painting,
  • scratches on the galvanized coating are visible, and there is a high probability of corrosion in places where the galvanized coating falls off or is chipped. The first symptoms of rust can be observed after about 8-10 years,
  • When gutters or other system components are welded or cut with a grinder, the galvanized protective coating is destroyed,
  • gutter systems made of galvanized steel sheet are a challenge to install, which is why it is recommended to hire a professional assembly team.