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How to set up a roof garden?

How to set up a roof garden?

An exclusive green garden in the centre of a modern city? That sounds perfect! Today’s text talks about how to set up a roof garden. We will show you how to build a roof garden and how Garden by Hornval products will help you make a green enclave. Read and find out more!

Strongly urbanised centres of large urban agglomerations are teeming with business, cultural and private life. The hearts of modern cities offer a lot to their inhabitants, but they often lack a place where we can relax in peace without having to leave. The opportunity to relax in a green oasis of tranquillity is no longer reserved for owners of suburban single-family homes. Virtually anyone can build a roof garden!

How do I make a roof garden?

Those interested in building their own roof garden will undoubtedly be interested in answering the question of how to make a roof garden. It is worth knowing that such structures can be made on both flat and sloping roofs (with a maximum pitch of 25%). Care should be taken to ensure that the system has a good load-bearing capacity, as well as a waterproofing layer to prevent moisture from entering the building and excessive plant root growth.

Our Hornval Garden Roof product line can be used to realise a roof garden. What solutions do we offer?

  • Robust and durable panel sheets available in muted colours.
  • High-quality lawn edging in coated steel
  • Modular vegetable gardens with scratch-resistant coating.
  • Aluminium hanging gardens to enhance your roof garden.

The available products blend perfectly with the modern architecture of roof gardens. They are durable yet quick and easy to assemble.

Roof garden – which plants?

Another frequently asked question in the field of roof gardens is what plants to plant on the green roof slope. If it is only to be decorative, sedums, dry-leaved grasses and hornwort, and all kinds of undemanding meadow species are excellent choices. However, if the roof garden is to be used for recreation and leisure, it is worth taking an interest in planting lavender, boxwood, juniper, yew and pine trees.

Does a winter garden have to have a glass roof?

An important question often arises – does a winter garden have to have a glass roof? Of course, this type of construction looks modern and allows the creation of a year-round garden, independent of the climatic conditions in a given place. Such a garden room can also be used during heavy rain and snow. However, glass roofing is not required.

Green Rooftop Garden with Hornval Garden Roof Products

If you plan to build a roof garden, choose a trusted component supplier – the Blachodach brand – and create a green roof garden with Hornval Garden Roof products! Experienced specialists will help you in selecting the right products for your project.