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Photovoltaic panels – is it profitable?

Photovoltaic panels – is it profitable?

The rising prices of energy are prompting us to look for alternative energy sources. Photovoltaic panels are a popular way to reduce electricity bills and become independent from interruptions in energy supply. Is it profitable? How do photovoltaic panels work? That’s what’s in today’s text!

What are solar panels and how do they work?

To begin with, we will answer the question of what are photovoltaic panels and how they work. Photovoltaic systems use PV cells made of materials that absorb sunlight. This produces a photoelectric effect which converts energy from the sun into DC electricity. The current from the cells is wired to the inverter and converted to 230 V AC to power the devices in the home.

Which photovoltaic panels should you choose?

Household owners who plan to implement renewable energy solutions in their home often do not know which photovoltaic panels to choose. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the energy needs of our house. Parameters such as a guarantee to maintain performance for 20-30 years or resistance to changing temperatures and climatic conditions will also be important. Of course, an important aspect is also the price of photovoltaics.

FAQ – Photovoltaic panels – Frequently Asked Questions

You already know what photovoltaic panels are and how do they work. We also told you briefly what to look for when choosing photovoltaics for your home or business. Below we present answers to frequently asked questions about photovoltaic panels.

Do photovoltaic panels work on cloudy days?

It is not uncommon to come across the question of whether photovoltaic panels work on cloudy days.. Yes, photovoltaics works even with high cloudiness and low solar radiation intensity. In addition, you can use accumulators which store electricity.

How many photovoltaic panels per 1 kW?

The answer to the question how many photovoltaic panels per 1 kW depends on the nominal power of a single module. It can be assumed that on average it is approx. 380 kWp. This means that to produce 1 kilowatt of energy, we need three photovoltaic panels.

What power of photovoltaic panels for the house?

Another frequently asked question is – what power of the photovoltaic panels per home? If we plan to cover the demand at the level of 3 kW, we will need to install approximately 9-10 PV modules. The final figure depends on individual needs and the location.

How much does the photovoltaic panel weigh?

An interesting question asked by people who want to install photovoltaics on the roof is – how much does the photovoltaic panel weigh? A single module has a weight of approx. 18-25 kg. It follows that the roof structure must have a load-bearing capacity of at least 250 kg / m2.

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