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Roof tile or steel roofing tile?

Roof tile or steel roofing tile?

Traditional tile or modular steel tile – this is the dilemma faced by both designers of housing estates and individual investors building single-family houses. In this article we answer which roofing material to choose.

What is a roof tile and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Durable and UV-resistant, the tile is one of the most common roof coverings. What are the advantages of classic tiles?

  • High hardness and mechanical strength of roofing materials.
  • Resistance to heavy static loads (e.g. accumulated snow and ice).
  • No fading effect from prolonged sun exposure.
  • Timeless aesthetics and a wide array of shapes and colours to choose from.
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation.

The commonly used tiles have technical limitations, including the possibility of being mounted only on steep roofs alongside the risk of chipping during transport.

What is a modular tile and what are its distinguishing features?

Made of galvanised, profiled or lacquered steel, modular metal roofing tiles are solutions characterised by a very long service life. What advantages of modular tiles are worth paying attention to?

  • Low price compared to cement or ceramic tiles.
  • Low weight and the option of mounting them on roof trusses with low load-bearing capacity.
  • No water absorption effect, which prevents the growth of mosses and fungi.
  • Modern steel coatings are easy to maintain and care for.
  • Easy to install, thanks to the use of a grid made of battens and counter-battens without a full cover.

Please note, however, that sheet metal tiles can only be used on roofs whose angle of inclination does not exceed 9-12 degrees, depending on the type of components from which it was built.

Modular steel tile or regular roof tile – which roofing material should you choose?

Designers, developers as well as private investors often wonder what type of roofing to choose when constructing a house or other type of structure. Modular tile or regular roof tile – what will be the better option?

When do you choose a modular tile?

Covering with galvanised steel sheet will be a good solution if you have a lower investment budget. A modular steel tile is an excellent choice in locations with frequent precipitation and for structures where the roof truss is not very solid.

When should you decide to install regular roof tiles?

It is worth choosing classic roofing materials when there is a risk of accumulation of large amounts of snow or ice in the winter. The conventional tile is resistant to heavy loads and is a solution of the highest aesthetic value.

Choose reliable roofing for your home!

Roofs made of modular steel tiles or regular roof tiles are the most frequently chosen solutions in modern construction. If you are considering installing one of these, but you are hesitant to choose a specific product, please contact us and choose a reliable roofing for your home! We will help you in selecting the components.