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Rubber roofs

There are a number of different roofing technologies available on the market. Among these, EPDM rubber membrane roofs are a popular choice. In this article, we take a closer look at the properties and advantages of synthetic rubber roofing.

Leaks resulting from micro-cracks in the coating, the possibility of leaks and consequently the development of surface corrosion, wood rot or the appearance of mould and mildew. These are among the many problems faced by users of traditional flat and pitched roofs. The market’s answer to these problems is a rubber membrane for flat roofs made from a high-quality plastic – the EPDM elastomeric roofing membrane.

What are rubber roofs?

Modern rubber roofs are actually structures covered with a special protective plastic coating. The most common applications are elastomeric flat roof membranes, such as EPDM. These types of solutions provide a high degree of flexibility while also providing effective thermal insulation. They have a longer service life than felt roofing and are resistant to mechanical damage, UV radiation and the growth of fungi and micro-organisms.

Which roofing membrane will be best?

Those interested in applying the solutions described to a detached house or commercial building often ask – what is the best roofing membrane? The choice usually falls on the synthetic rubber EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer). It has the advantage of being highly flexible and, at the same time, highly mechanically resistant to stretching and rupture. It is worth mentioning that the material is not susceptible to ozone and has an estimated service life of 50 years.

Membrane for a flat roof

A good membrane for a flat roof is an investment that allows you to forget about the need for roofing maintenance or repairs for decades to come. This is why EPDM membrane technology is the recommended material. Among the benefits of choosing this type of solution are low running costs, easy installation, and high thermal and fire resistance. In addition, the application of just one layer of covering is sufficient.

Practical rubber roofs with EPDM membrane

There is no doubt that practical EPDM rubber membrane roofs are solutions that are a better choice than traditional felt roofing. The technology provides high thermal insulation and prevents the growth of fungi. It also features a long service life.

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