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The pros and cons of copper gutters

There are various types of gutter systems on the market that ensure effective rainwater drainage. In today’s text, we present the pros and cons of copper gutters and suggest which gutters to choose for the roof of the house. Read and find out more!

There is no doubt that a tight and efficient gutter system is an essential element of every newly built facility, regardless of its intended use. Investors often think about the choice – plastic or metal gutters. Many of them are also considering installing copper gutters, which tempt with their interesting design. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of these solutions in greater detail. We will also suggest which gutters to choose and where to buy them.

What are the pros and cons of copper gutters?

The main drawback of copper gutters is their price. Copper products, on the other hand, are resistant to many adverse weather conditions, as well as the phenomenon of surface corrosion. Despite the excellent appearance and good performance parameters, copper gutters lose compared to steel products due to the purchase and assembly costs. It is worth mentioning that the steel gutter systems are available from Hornval.

Plastic or metal gutters – which one to choose?

Many investors considering the purchase of copper gutter systems are also considering products made of metal and plastic. So the question arises – what to choose, plastic or metal gutters? The favorite in this duel are definitely metal products. In particular, it is worth highlighting the steel gutters. Their pros include high aging resistance and adaptation to any type of coating. At the same time, the systems are affordable.

Which gutters to choose for the house’s roof?

We already know that copper gutters – despite a number of advantages – are not the best choice, especially if we want a good price-quality ratio. So the question arises – what gutters to choose for the roof of the house? If we care about timeless design and have a large budget, we can be tempted to choose copper gutter systems. However, if we are looking for an optimal solution, then practical and durable steel gutters are the answer.

What kind of gutters for a tin garage?

There may be a question – what gutters for a tin garage? Here, too, steel gutter systems will be a good choice. If, on the other hand, we are looking for an alternative, we can consider choosing cheaper, but less durable, plastic gutters.

Choose the professional Hornval gutter systems!

We’ve made it to the end! We already know that the titular copper gutters are characterized by a timeless design and high durability, but they lose in the clash with steel gutter systems due to the high price. They can, of course, be used in the construction of a house, but it is worth considering investing the price difference in other building materials.

If you are looking for a proven supplier of steel gutters for your home, then choose professional gutter systems from Hornval! Our products are a guarantee of reliability and comfort for the next decades.