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What roof structure is the most economical?

Roofing is one of the most important elements affecting the comfort of using a building. This investment should also meet high quality expectations. What roof structure is the most economical? Find out more in today’s article!

What roofing material is the best choice? Overview of the available roof structures

Individual investors planning to build a house often wonder what roofing material they should choose. Below, you will find an overview of the available roof structures.

  • Ceramic tiles – are one of the traditional roofing materials. They are characterised by high resistance to mechanical impact and adverse weather conditions. They are also non-flammable. The components have an elegant appearance and can be given a specific colour in the process of glazing.
  • Sheet metal roof tiles – modular metal roof tiles are a modern roofing solution with low weight and universal application. They are perfect for building a roof structure with a slope of at least 10o. They do not require specialised maintenance treatments, while being resistant to rust and damage.
  • Concrete tiles – roofs made of concrete visually resemble ceramic roofing, but have a lower net weight. Their great advantage is high resistance to changing weather conditions, as well as thermal insulation and acoustic insulation properties. The disadvantage is the need for systematic maintenance.
  • Bituminous shingle – bituminous mass tiles are made in a technology similar to the production of roofing felt. They have a skeleton made of cellulose, plastic or fiberglass, which is then covered with asphalt mass. These types of components are lightweight and resistant to moisture and temperature changes.

Architects and designers are also increasingly willing to use ecological solutions called green roofs. Such roof structures are economical not only in terms of construction costs, but also in terms of ecology.

What should you pay attention to when choosing an economical roof?

When you decide to use a roofing material with a good ratio of quality to price, it is worth to know what you should pay attention to for when choosing an economical roof. First of all, you should start by considering the technology used for the roof structure. Among the currently used solutions, there are rafter, collar beam, lattice, and purlin-claw structures. The most popular choice is collar beam – it is not only characterized by a low price, but it is also easy to assemble.

Another important step is to answer the question what roofing material to choose. Economical roof structure it is not only about the costs of purchasing elements and installations. An important aspect is also the need to perform periodic maintenance activities and their time consuming nature. This is when it is worth considering modern modular metal roof tiles. High-end sheet steel roof panels are lightweight and easy to install.

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The right selection of components for the construction of a single-family house or a utility building affects the comfort of use and subsequent maintenance costs. If you are looking for support in choosing a roofing material, contact Hornval and learn what roof to choose! Our consultants will prepare a special offer for you.