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What to look for when designing your garden – top 10 tips

What to look for when designing your garden – top 10 tips

A private green enclave is the dream of many apartment owners in city centers. However, nothing stands in the way of building a house or considering buying an attractive plot for recreational purposes. What should be remembered during designing your garden? Check out top 10 tips!

How to design gardens?

First of all, it is worth knowing how to design gardens. We should know what effect we want to achieve. We can sketch out our idea. Inspirations that can be found on Pinterest or Instagram will also be helpful.

So how to get started?

The question often is how to begin designing a garden. It is good practice to start the process by planning individual zones and paths between them. It is worth taking into account elements of small architecture, planting trees and flowers.

How much does it cost to design a garden?

You can often hear people wondering how much it costs to design a garden. If we do not want to design the garden ourselves, we can commission a landscape architect to do it. The cost of the garden project with an area of 500 m2 is approx. PLN 1000.

What trees for the garden?

If you already have an image of a backyard garden painted in your head, you probably ask yourself what trees to buy for the garden . We definitely recommend small fruit trees, such as apples, cherries or cherries.

How do you sketch a garden?

The desire to transfer your idea to paper raises another question – how to sketch a garden? You do not need art skills to sketch the project yourself. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil or a simple MS Paint graphic editor.

How to choose plants for the garden?

Very often, the question arises as to how to choose plants for the garden. When selecting species, it is worth taking into account climatic conditions and the type of soil. Sunlight, air humidity and substrate humidity are also important. Then we can look for interesting plants.

Is it worth building hanging gardens?

If you follow new trends in horticulture, you may wonder whether it is worth building hanging gardens. Absolutely! In this respect, it is worth taking an interest in the Garden by Hornval product line by Hornval.

Why use lawn edging?

People planning to build a backyard garden often ask why it is worth using lawn edging. The use of these components allows for easy separation of zones, e.g. separation of the area covered with grass from the fragment sprinkled with crushed stone.

Is it necessary to regularly fertilize the garden?

Not everyone who dreams of their own garden is aware that the green enclave requires regular fertilization and systematic care. If we do not have enough time, consider hiring a gardener who will visit our garden from time to time.

Remember that “less is more”!

Let’s remember that rule. When designing a garden, focus on minimalism. Do not try to clog all possible plants, shrubs and trees on a small piece of soil. When planning to build a garden, use our tips and remember about the practical product line Hornval Garden Roof by Hornval.