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Which colour to choose for the roof? The trends of recent years.

The choice of colours for the roofing material has an impact on the visual attractiveness of the entire house. It should correspond with the style of the external walls and the building’s architecture. In today’s article, we answer the question “which colour to choose for the roof?” and we present the trends of recent years!

  • Which colour of metal roof tiles should you choose for your house?

Customers planning construction often ask the question, which colour of metal roof tiles to choose for the house. On the market it is possible to find high-class modular sheets in a variety of colours and styles. What to pay attention to when choosing the colour of the roofing material? First of all, you have to begin with verifying the current spatial development plan. The local plan may impose or prohibit the use of certain colours or styles. It defines the guidelines concerning planning a coherent spatial order.

Considering the colour of metal roof tiles, it is also worth paying attention to the trends of recent years. One of the options chosen by many architects consists in constructing the roof with the use of modular roof sheets provided by, among others, the Hornval company. The most popular are toned down colours: graphite, deep black, and chocolate. A clear trend consists also in using the principle of contrast when selecting individual components, e.g. graphite roofing and silver gutters.

  • Soffit in the colour of the roof or windows – what to choose?

There is often the dilemma of what to choose – a soffit in the colour of the roof or windows? It should be remembered that matching it only to the colour of the roofing material won’t necessarily create a consistent style of the building. The eave should fit both the colour of the roof and windows, as well as the facade or gutters, and even the surroundings of the house. At this point, the colour of the soffit contrasting with the other components becomes an interesting choice. A light oak eave constitutes a universal solution.

  • How to choose the chimney colour to match the roof of a single-family house?

The final question we want to answer in this article is how to choose the colour of the chimney to match the roof of a single-family house. If you are wondering which colour of the sheet to choose for a roof with a chimney structure, then consider choosing consistent colours, without contrasts. A chimney made of dark brick, fits perfectly with roofs of a similar shade. Similarly – a roofing made of bright elements fits perfectly with a chimney structure made of components of the same colour style.

  • Choose a fashionable colour of sheet metal for your roof!

Modern trends in architecture encourage investors to choose toned down, minimalist colours with a hint of contrast. Recent years have shown that the elegance and combination of contrasting black and white is still a visually attractive choice. Apart from the colours, choosing the components themselves is also important. If you are looking for durable and reliable roofing elements, check the offer of metal roof tiles by Hornval and choose a fashionable colour for the roof metal sheet of your single-family home!