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Preparation of groundwork for construction works

Each construction investment yields many challenges – starting with purchasing a plot, through execution of a house design to obtaining a building permit, which are only the beginning of the adventure with construction. Once we have completed all the formalities necessary to build a house, the next step is to ensure proper groundwork for the construction works. Even if the site has been classified as a construction plot, there is still a lot of preparatory work to be done before the commencement of excavation for foundations.

Erection of hoarding and issuing access roads to the construction site

The first stage of preparatory work is erecting fencing around the construction site, as well as marking construction roads. This must by all means be done in accordance with applicable law. A hoarding for a construction site is to not only separate space but also to ensure the safety of people staying at the construction site and bystanders. The health and safety regulations state that the construction site hoarding shall be at least 1.50 m high and shall be placed at least 1 m from the excavation.

Tree and shrub removal

In many cases, trees and shrubs may obstruct or even prevent carrying out the works at the construction site. Therefore, the next preparatory step is the removal of trees and shrubs. If there are trees on the plot, you should first check whether their removal requires obtaining a permit. In order to manage tree felling legally, you must report your intention to the municipal office competent for the construction site.

Levelling the terrain

The next stage is levelling the site for construction. For this purpose, the turf and fertile soil covering the construction site should be brought to a separate heap. This will often require the rental of a truck, whilst in most cases, rental of construction machinery will be essential, as they will enable the proper and efficient performance of the operations. While executing these works, it is also possible to determine the bearing capacity of the ground – which will, in turn, provide information on whether it will be necessary to harden the construction site with the use of aggregate.

Preparation of the building material storage area

The subsequent preparatory stage at the construction site is the designation of the place where the building materials will be stored. It should be noted here that the provisions of the Construction Law assume that all materials stored at the construction site must be properly fastened – they cannot pose a threat and must be secured so that they will not be damaged under weather events. Materials at the construction site can be stored in a shed, container or a specially prepared storage shelter.

Preparation of excavations for foundations

The last stage of groundworks for the start of construction is the excavation of ground for the foundations. This is a significantly important stage of preparatory works, because any mistakes may have a negative impact on the compliance of the building with the design. Therefore, it is crucial to commission the excavation works only to a professional team. It should carry out all activities correctly, precisely and according to the schedule.