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Where to start roof renovation from?

Before we start repairing the roof or before we hire a team that will carry out professional renovation, we should ensure all legal formalities related to it. This is where every roof repair really begins. Nevertheless, it is worth contacting the roof renovation company at this stage, a specialist will suggest not only what works will be needed, but also what formalities will be required to carry out the renovation.

Roof renovation, that is: what exactly?

Roof renovation can be carried out in a number of ways. For example, what has been damaged could be the roof sheathing, which has become leaky. In some cases, the structure of the roof truss could also be damaged. Roof renovation may also involve replacing the roofing material, e.g. with a different color or material. Many people also decide to change the use of the space under the roof into a usable attic.

Before making the final decision regarding the renovation and commencing the reconstruction works, you should consult a specialist – an expert.  Not only will s/he assess how the renovation should proceed, whether it is enough to replace the roofing or whether the roof framework, i.e. its structure, has been damaged as well, but he/she will also advise on the best solutions in a specific case. S/he will also verify whether the planned changes are feasible and, if necessary, propose an alternative solution.

Renovation of a roof – notifying the construction works

If we already know what works will be necessary during the renovation or reconstruction of the roof, it should be reported to the local poviate starost’s office or city council in cities with poviate rights, namely the architectural and construction department. Please note that the Investor is required to submit a notification at least 30 days prior to the commencement of works. The documentation submitted to the competent office should indicate the type and scope of work, as well as the date and manner of their conduct. The documentation should also be accompanied by statements on the right to dispose of the real estate for construction purposes.

If we have not received an objection in the form of an administrative decision within 30 days, we may commence with the works. Such notification is valid for 2 years and the renovation must be completed within 24 months of the specified commencement date. This notification allows not only the replacement of the roof covering, but also other repairs and modernization works, e.g. roof insulation, repair of the roof framework, replacement of the gutter system.

Reconstruction of the roof – construction permit

It may happen, however, that the renovation of the roof will require much more serious work and it will be necessary to reconstruct the roof. Then it will be necessary to obtain a construction permit. This also applies to all kinds of roof reconstruction, replacement of the rafter framing, raising the building, changing the function of the attic, or inserting roof windows. The application for a building permit must be attached with a construction design that will be consistent with the local spatial development plan or the decision on development conditions (in the absence of such plan). The draft should be attached to the application in four copies. You also need a declaration of the right to use a specific property for the construction purposes.

Architectural monuments are a special case. In such case, even a minor renovation of the roof requires a construction permit. You also need a permit from the local conservator. Contractors of such renovations in historic buildings must have qualifications and practice related to the conservation of monuments.